License for our freebies
All items in our Freebies category are available to use under the Creative Commons 3.0 license unless stated otherwise on the download page.

Please respect this license and use our our content within the set guidelines.

Standard License
The Standard License allows you to use the graphic multiple times, in multiple projects. There is no expiration or end date of your rights to use the graphic, however, you do not have exclusive rights over it either, as anyone may purchase the same graphic and use it in his/her design projects.

Extended License
The Extended License allows you to make use of Design by Ciusan’ templates as many times as you want. Most stock websites only permit a creative asset to be used once per purchase.

However with Design by Ciusan, you only ever need to purchase an item one time and then you are free to use it as many times as you wish.

You can use our premium products in personal and commercial work. This means that you can use our products for your own projects and also use them in design projects which you are paid to complete.

After purchasing a template from Design by Ciusan, you may use it royalty free. This means you do not need to attribute, credit or mention Design by Ciusan.

You can use our templates to create design work which is printed out and distributed. There is no limit to how many copies of a design you can print.

Yes, but special limitations apply based on your intended use. With all two licenses, you can create unlimited non-commercial cards. If your items are for sale, a Extended License allows up to 250,000.

If you purchase a Extended License, you may use a template as part of your logo, as long as the original asset is modified and not the dominant element of the logo. However, you must disclaim the asset if registering for Trademark protection, and you may not enforce any rights on the asset itself.

With the Extended Licenses, you are allowed to use the template for your company’s marketing material. However, there are some important considerations based on whether the material you’re advertising is distributed physically or digitally and the license you choose:

With an Extended License, you can use the template for physical commercial advertisements like billboards, signage, and collateral in Local, National, or Global Markets. There’s also no restriction on digital advertisements.

It depends. You may use templates purchased with a Personal License for non-commercial activities in one personal or individual social media account. If you’re using the asset in a company or business social media page, purchase a Extended License for it.

Please note that a separate Standard License is required for each social media business account or page. On the other hand, if you license the asset under an Extended License, there is no such limit on the accounts and pages owned and managed by the Licensee for Commercial use.