Please read carefully our license files

Can be used for

  • Up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale
  • Business social media account owned
  • Unlimited physical advertisements for local, national, or global markets.
  • Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
  • Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers


Yes, but special limitations apply based on your intended use. You can create unlimited non-commercial cards. If your items are for sale, allows up to 5,000 total end products. Keep in mind that, your card’s design must be significantly different than the original template; require time, effort, and skill to produce; and not derive its primary value from the template itself.

You may use a template as part of your logo, as long as the original asset is modified and not the dominant element of the logo. However, you must disclaim the asset if registering for Trademark protection, and you may not enforce any rights on the asset itself.

You are allowed to use the template for your company’s marketing material. However, there are some important considerations based on whether the material you’re advertising is distributed physically or digitally and the license you choose:
You can use the template for physical commercial advertisements like billboards, signage, and collateral in Local, National, or Global Markets. There’s also no restriction on digital advertisements.